Central Texas Lakes





Belton Lake

Temple Lake Park-An hour north of Austin is Belton Lake, located 8 miles west of Temple. At the end of 2305 West is Temple Lake Park, where you will find perhaps one of the best places to ride in the Central Texas area for beginners and experienced kiteboarders alike. Near the south end of the park is a large grassy area to rig your gear and launch and while there is a small wind block near the shore, it is never a problem to get out to the open wind in the middle of the lake. For beginners, the park allows for a decent down winder and even a shallow sandy point to exit the water near the north end of the park Riders returning to shore need to be aware of the roped off swim area located down wind of the launch area and should avoid coming ashore in this area as there are often families and children swimming here. There is plenty of room on either side to come ashore so it should be easy to avoid the roped off swim area. One of the great things about Temple Lake Park is the complete lack of crowds both during the weekend and weekdays making this a great place to ride for all levels of kiters. Map of Belton Lake

Canyon Lake

Jacob's Creek Park-Just north of San Antonio is Canyon Lake and Jacob's Creek Park where you will find another great place to ride. Near the south east end of the park you will find a large grassy area to rig your gear. A SE wind here will generally blow side shore to the park. The side shore wind makes down winders easy for beginners and the more experienced or adventurous rider. . The 2 mile downwinder is to Canyon Park which has a grassy exit area. There is no walking back from Canyon Park, so have a plan to get back. Jacob's Creek Park and Canyon Park have roped off swim areas which need to be avoided. Launching at Jacob's Creek Park can be complicated due to the rocky entry point which is slippery in some cases, however this problem can easily be handled by having another rider assist you into the water or starting from the water and having someone launch your kite from shore. This is probably the most ridden spot in the Austin/San Antonio area because it is equal distance from both cities, however the most crowded this area has been to date is about 4 to 5 kites on the water at one time. Jacob's Creek Park is often very busy on weekends and holidays with families recreating along the shorelines and boats on the water. Map of Canyon Lake Park Rules & Regulations. This is the best park for all winds except East.

Comal Park-To the west across from Jacob's creek Park is Comal Park this park is closer to San Antonio than Austin ,but with south winds this park has offshore winds and very gusty. This park is best on north wind days however this park is not open year round and most of our north winds come during the winter time when this park is closed.

Canyon Park-South East of Jacob's Creek park is Canyon Park this park is good for most south winds, but with onshore to side-onshore winds limit this park to upwind riders and the wind is not as clean. This park has grass to water enter and exit and a roped off swim area that needs to be avoided. North winds are rideable but with many wind shadows a downwinder from the north to Jacob's Creek is possible.


Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Dana Peak Park- Review coming soon, this lake is still being explored.

Lake Travis

Windy Point-. Windy Point is approximately 19 miles from the center of Austin. Although Windy Point may be one of the closest places to ride in Austin, it isn't necessarily the nicest or easiest place to kiteboard. The shore line of Windy Point runs East to West which means that the South East and South winds blow straight on shore making it a difficult place for beginners to learn as they could easily be blown back up onto the rocky shoreline. In a North wind, the currents blow straight off shore with the wind more filled in near the point. Farther away from the point there is a decent wind block from the trees near the shore, which could make launching a little difficult in a North wind. This being the case, riding here is not impossible, but perhaps a little more difficult when looking at the launching and rigging problems you could encounter with a rocky shore line and narrow beach when the water is up. This area is probably more for experienced riders, while beginners will find Windy Point an excellent place to practice with their trainer kites during Southerly winds.

The Flats-Out Hwy 71 West towards the north end of Lake Travis is Pace Bend Park where you will find the Flats. This area is more kite friendly than Windy Point as the shore line is dirt and clay which provides an easier entry and exit. Tournament Point protrudes out into the lake in this area and provides an ideal launch in NE and SE winds. While other winds(N,S,SE) are rideable here, they will tend to be more gusty and make riding more challenging.. Experienced riders will find a small body of water to ride on with plenty of room to launch and land. The only difficulties one may encounter here are the crowds. During the summer months the spot is a popular place for families and college kids to swim and enjoy the hot Texas days. Often vehicles are parked up to the waters edge, which could make launching and landing difficult. While the crowds are larger on the weekends and holidays. The CTKA does not recommend this lake for beginners or learning to kiteboard.

Other Lakes Coming Soon!!!!