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+1 on Charles Tyrwhitt. The extra slim fit works very well for me and they have a size guide in the Charles Tyrwhitt thread. The slim fit is not all that slim fitting, so depending on your build, I'd look at the extra slim fit.A man really needs only one or two white dress shirts in a normal sized shirt rotation or 10 or so (I have three in a rotation of around 30 shirts, though I should note that my work dress code is business casual and I generally do not like white dress shirts without a jacket and tie; if my office were business formal, I might go up to 5 or 6). Some people on here wear white shirts everyday and I am sure they can look elegant doing so, but it isn't something one needs to do. In most environments, light blue is a perfectly acceptable substitute and also comes in a variety of patterns to keep things interesting (broadcloth, end on end, herringbone, bengal stripes, etc.).

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Good black pants, a great white shirt,

2008-08-07 17:00:44 by good-all-around

Raincoat, classic black pumps, black skirt, little black dress. Those are some of them. They should be made of the very BEST material you can afford, and be classic in style. I realize that black and white might be "blah" to some, but nothing stands up like a great white shirt with black pants for a "go-to" outfit in an emergency.

First buy the best quality you

2005-08-30 13:25:14 by can_afford

Make sure no snags, no loose thread,fabric falls neatly in the right places and fit is proper.
Choose basics that are easy to mix and match:
1. A crisp white shirt-goes w/ everything-jeans, skirt, trousers, under a suit, under a sweater, blazer etc. Very easy to care for.
2. Trousers in neutral colors that mix and match well w/ different tops-black, tan, gray, navy are essentials.
2. A black skirt that looks great on your shape-if slim-try a pencil skirt, if hippy or have thighs-an a slightly a-line works best.
3. A simple 3 qtr length trench coat
4. A black leather pump-a classic will last forever and is great for the office

These things look best

2004-08-17 09:43:00 by only_you

When they don't appear to be "coordinated"
Agree with Robynxxx not to wear matching shoes, or, for that matter, matching anything.
Camel/tan or brown boots, jeans, white shirt or t shirt - no brooch. Just wrap it.
You could wear it to work of course but the effect (for example with brown or camel tailored dress pants) is likely to be too studied....and you will end up looking like a sofa.

If you find yourself at a white person's Oscar

2008-02-24 15:27:36 by -

Party tonight, that's a good place to earn a white person's trust. An invitation to one these parties is basically your “foot in the door”.
Vocabulary is one of the first things to be aware of at an Oscar party. Never say “movie”, always say “film” and know which awards use the term “Best” and which ones use “Outstanding Achievement”. Saying “I hope Atonement wins Best Art Direction” will guarantee that you won’t be invited next year.
Attire is very important as well. Either dress in an fancy suit / gown or wear something that relates to one of the films nominated for Best Picture

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    What about you? Include age and gender!

    • None. I walk around with my abs showing at all time to intimidate white boys.