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You need to stay away from places that don't sell their shirts by neck and sleeve measurements vs. S, M, L.Once you get a dress shirt that fits your neck, shoulders and arms, then you can have a tailor take a dart out of each side. You will need to go to a menswear store with tailors on staff, not a trendy retailer.


shirts that arent longer in the back than in the front should never be untucked. at least thats what I read in GQ or this site about a month ago. only straight bottom dress shirts are ok to be untucked.

i still break the rule though.


No such dress shirt exists. Dress shirts should never be worn in public untucked. For a tragic example, look at Joe Simpson. Such tackiness.


No such dress shirt exists. Dress shirts should never be worn in public untucked. For a tragic example, look at Joe Simpson. Such tackiness.
From what I can tell, he untucks his because he's overweight and is trying to avoid the look of a belly overhanging his beltline.FWIW, I don't tuck my shirts in unless I have a suit jacket on, or I'm trying to impress someone in a business setting (interviews, etc.).



You have to get the right dress shirt. The "metrosexual" type of shirt at GAP (or similar store) will do fine. Fit is the most important.I always leave my shirts untucked, but only if they are slim against my body.


I too shop a ton at express. I will also suggest to try banana republic for some shirts. Theirs are really nice. I agree. I've found some good stuff there too!


Ditch the tommy b. pants

2003-11-04 04:22:52 by tommybisnotcute

I am not trying to be nasty or offend you, but really I think Tommy Bahama clothes, esp. the silky shirts and those horriable pants are the new gold chains for men. They are so unattractive and look desperate, like you are trying to dress cool, but have no idea how to.
Simple flat front cotton pants are best. Silk, rayon, polyester are not your friend. For a dancing outfit go to Banana get a pair of flat front chinos a short sleeved button down shirt, a nice undershirt and belt, you can try tucking in the undershirt and leaving the top shirt unbuttoned, or button up the shirt and leave it untucked, but don't under any circumstances tuck the shirt in! Oh yes, don't wear white socks, ever, only if you are going to the gym, wear nice or fun dress socks that are in the same color family...

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