The Sport of Kiteboarding

What is Kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing is a combination of wakeboarding and sailing with the help of a large kite and a footboard. It can be many things to many people but ultimately it is an extreme sport that is fun and enjoyable. It is a physically demanding sport that has gained wide popularity in a short span of time. A handlebar harnessed to the kite is used to control it. The person controlling the kite uses a footboard similar to a skateboard, wakeboard or snowboard. The kite is powered by the wind only. People enjoy it most over the water but it is also used over the flat land and snow areas. This sport is perfect for fit and healthy individuals. The person must know swimming and have some experience with the wakeboarding, snowboarding or skateboarding. After practising the sport is even one of the fun activities for elderly so all the famioly can enjoy it.

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Who Would Go Kiteboarding?

It is a physically demanding sport so it is only for those adult individuals who are fit and healthy. They should have some experience of skateboarding or wakeboarding. Beginners should first practice wakeboarding before going for the kitesurfing. This activity requires quick reflexes and some stamina to hold onto the handlebar while being swept away across the water. A person going for this sport should be prepared with the right gear. There should be someone on standby to help in an emergency.

Why Do People Go for This Sport?

Those who love extreme sports are always looking for challenging activities. They love the fast paced nature of kiteboarding. They get pulled away just by the power of the wind. It is eco friendly. There is no wastage of fuel to operate a boat.

Where Do People Go for It?

Users of kiteboarding mostly prefer long empty stretches of water bodies because such a place can be found more commonly. Kite boarding is also done over flat land and snow covered areas. There are not that many land and snow areas suitable for this sport so those who want to do it on the land have to visit places where long stretch of barren flat land is available. Most such places are far away from the inhabited areas so proper planning is needed before visiting those locations. High speed wind is required for kite surfing. Even areas suitable for it may not see high speed wind all year round and at all times. There are some known places where kiteboarding can be done because the wind speed there is always sufficient for this sport. Certain water bodies and locations are preferred for kitesurfing because there is see high speed wind over there most of the time.

What Is Needed to Do It?

A wide range of kites and boards are available for this purpose. Users need both the special kite and board to do kiteboarding. A wetsuit and life vest is highly recommended to remain warm and keep afloat. Some manufacturers sell a kiteboarding kit that includes lines, pump, leash, bar and backpack. The board has footstraps, a board handle and fins. The kite comes with the harnesses.